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Bernice Burgos


Bernice Burgos, an American model born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York, has sculpted a remarkable career as a model, entrepreneur, and video vixen. From her early days in the Bronx to gracing magazine covers and music videos for A-list artists, Bernice’s journey reflects resilience, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bernice Burgos Wiki

Full Name Bernice Burgos
Gender Female
Date of Birth 17 April 1980
Age 43 years old (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Bronx, New York, USA
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latino
Ancestry Puerto Rican
Religion Christianity

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Early Life and Modeling Career

Discovering the Afro-American and Puerto Rican Beauty

Bernice Burgos, known for her stunning work with celebrities like Rick Ross and J. Cole, was born and raised in the vibrant city of New York. Born on April 17, 1980, she captivated audiences with her fabulous appearance and athletic body in various fashion shows. While details about her family background remain private, Bernice’s rise to fame began in her early twenties.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth: A Testament to Entrepreneurial Success

From Bartender to Business Maven

Bernice’s journey from humble beginnings to a net worth estimated at $1.3 million showcases her entrepreneurial prowess. The diva has built her success from the ground up, featuring stylish lingerie collections on her Instagram page. Her collaboration with top-notch musicians in music videos is a clear indicator of her rising net worth, a result of consistent hard work and dedication.

Bernice’s Personal Life: Romances and Motherhood

A Glimpse into Bernice’s Relationships and Family

While Bernice Burgos maintains a private family life, glimpses into her romantic relationships have occasionally surfaced. Fans speculated a connection with NBA star Jaylen Brown in 2022, and photos of them together on a beach in 2023 fueled the rumors. Despite facing challenges, including an abusive relationship and raising a daughter, Bernice keeps her personal life discreet.

Bernice Burgos

Bernice’s Career Highlights

From Bartender to Magazine Covers and Music Videos

Leaving high school, Bernice faced the challenge of making ends meet, starting her journey as a bartender. Her foray into modeling quickly gained traction, with appearances in magazines like SHOW and XXL. Video vixen roles followed, notably in J. Cole’s ‘Work Out’ and Rick Ross’s ‘Diced Pineapples’ videos. Bernice’s Instagram popularity, with over 6.4 million followers, further solidifies her status as a social media sensation.

Bernice Burgos Physical Appearance

Body Measurements 36B-25-40 inches
Body Type Hourglass
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.7 m)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Bernice Burgos Family

Bernice Burgos

Mother’s Name Aleida Santiago Baggio
Siblings Luis Burgos (brother),
Rebecca Burgos (younger sister),
Damaris Burgos (sister)
Is Bernice Burgos attracted to women or men? No, she is not.
Marital Status Single
Number of Children 2 (daughters Ashley and Sarai)

Facts About Bernice Burgos

Beyond the Glamour: Social Media Sensation

Bernice Burgos boasts a massive following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with over 4.5 million, 100,000, and 100,000 followers, respectively. Collaborating with her daughter Ashley, she created the clothing for her lingerie brand, Bold & Beautiful. Despite legal troubles in 2010, Bernice continues to captivate audiences with her charisma and business acumen.


Bernice Burgos, born on April 17, 1980, has etched her name in the realms of modeling, entrepreneurship, and video vixen fame. From her beginnings as a bartender to creating the Bold & Beautiful sleepwear line, her journey exemplifies resilience and determination. With an estimated net worth of $1.3 million, Bernice continues to enchant audiences with her charisma, proving that success is a journey of dedication and passion.


Q: When was Bernice Burgos born?
A: Bernice Burgos was born on April 17, 1980.

Q: What is Bernice Burgos’ net worth?
A: Bernice Burgos’ net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 million.

Q: Has Bernice Burgos been in any romantic relationships?
A: Yes, Bernice has been in various romantic relationships, including with Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and Drake.

Q: How did Bernice Burgos start her career?
A: After leaving high school, Bernice worked as a bartender and ventured into modeling, gaining popularity in music videos and magazines.

Q: What is the name of Bernice Burgos’ sleepwear line?
A: Bernice Burgos’ sleepwear line is called Bold & Beautiful.

Q: How many children does Bernice Burgos have?
A: Bernice Burgos has two daughters, Ashley and Sarai.

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