Adrianna Chlebicka: Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, and Television Appearances

Adrianna Chlebicka

Adrianna Chlebicka: The Talented Actress Lighting Up the Screens

Adrianna Chlebicka, a name synonymous with talent and beauty, has been gracing both the small and big screens with her captivating performances. Renowned for her role as Monica in the Netflix hit “Squared Love,” Adrianna has solidified her place in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve deeper into the journey of this Polish sensation.

Name Adrianna Chlebicka
Age (2021) 30 years old
Date of Birth 22 January 1994
Height 5’8 ft
Net Worth est. $500,000
Nationality Poland
Marital Status Single

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Early Life and Education: Nurturing a Passion

Adrianna Chlebicka was born on January 22, 1994, in Warsaw, Poland. Since her early years, she harbored a profound love for acting, a passion that would shape her future. Growing up in Warsaw, she immersed herself in school activities and theatre productions, honing her craft and laying the foundation for her stellar career.

Adrianna Chlebicka

A Glance at Adrianna’s Career: From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

Adrianna’s journey to stardom commenced at a tender age, with her first movie role at the age of three. Over the years, she amassed an impressive portfolio, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her art. However, it was her breakout role in the award-winning series “Control” in 2018 that catapulted her to international acclaim. Directed by Natasza Parzymies, the series garnered widespread praise, with Adrianna’s portrayal of Natalia Sokol leaving an indelible mark on viewers.

Shining Bright: Notable Works and Achievements

Adrianna’s talent knows no bounds, as evidenced by her remarkable performances in various TV series and films. From “Matka” to “Ojciec Mateusz” and “Squared Love,” she continues to captivate audiences with her impeccable acting prowess. Her foray into the movie scene further solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with, with projects like “Baby Blues” and “Operation Hyacinth” earning her critical acclaim and accolades.

A Glimpse into Adrianna’s Personal Life

Despite her skyrocketing fame, Adrianna remains grounded, attributing her success to her loving and supportive family. While she keeps her personal life private, opting not to divulge details about her romantic relationships, her focus remains steadfast on her career. With a daughter named Magda Lisowska, Adrianna’s priorities lie in nurturing her acting journey and leaving a lasting legacy in the industry.

Adrianna Chlebicka

The Multifaceted Star: Beyond the Screen

Adrianna’s influence extends beyond her acting prowess, with her advocacy for animal rights and passion for fashion garnering admiration from fans worldwide. A polyglot fluent in Polish, English, and Russian, she embodies versatility and cultural appreciation. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or exploring new cuisines, Adrianna’s zest for life shines through, inspiring countless individuals along the way.

In Conclusion: A Bright Future Beckons

As Adrianna Chlebicka continues to illuminate the entertainment world with her talent and charisma, the future looks exceedingly bright. With an estimated net worth reflective of her hard work and dedication, she stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. As fans eagerly await her next project, one thing remains certain – Adrianna Chlebicka is a star on the rise, destined for even greater heights.


  1. Q: What notable projects has Adrianna Chlebicka starred in?
    A: Adrianna is celebrated for her outstanding roles in projects like “Control” (2018), “Matka” (2022), and “Squared Love” (2021).
  2. Q: When and where was Adrianna Chlebicka born?
    A: Born on January 22, 1994, in Warsaw, Poland, Adrianna is 29 years old.
  3. Q: What was Adrianna Chlebicka’s first acting role?
    A: Adrianna had her first movie role at the age of three in 1997, marking the beginning of her illustrious career.
  4. Q: How many languages can Adrianna Chlebicka speak fluently?
    A: Adrianna is a polyglot and can fluently speak Polish, English, and Russian.
  5. Q: What significant role propelled Adrianna Chlebicka to international recognition?
    A: Adrianna gained global recognition for her role as Natalia Sokol in the series “Control” (2018).
  6. Q: Does Adrianna Chlebicka have any siblings?
    A: Details about Adrianna’s siblings are not widely known to the public at this time.
  7. Q: What is Adrianna Chlebicka’s estimated net worth?
    A: Adrianna Chlebicka’s net worth is estimated to be over 4-5 million USD in 2023.
  8. Q: What are Adrianna Chlebicka’s hobbies outside of acting?
    A: Adrianna finds solace in practicing meditation, exploring various cuisines, attending fashion shows, and traveling.
  9. Q: What is Adrianna Chlebicka’s height and weight?
    A: Adrianna stands at around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 52 kg.
  10. Q: Is Adrianna Chlebicka married?
    A: Adrianna prefers to keep her personal life private, with no public information available about her marital status.
  11. Q: Does Adrianna Chlebicka have children?
    A: Yes, Adrianna has a daughter named Magda Lisowska.
  12. Q: What university did Adrianna Chlebicka attend for her acting education?
    A: Details about Adrianna’s education, including the university she attended, are not widely known.
  13. Q: What genres of films or TV series does Adrianna Chlebicka typically appear in?
    A: Adrianna has appeared in a variety of genres, including drama, romance, comedy, and crime.
  14. Q: Has Adrianna Chlebicka won any awards for her acting performances?
    A: Adrianna’s contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her acclaim, although specific awards are not mentioned.
  15. Q: What is the title of the Netflix film in which Adrianna Chlebicka starred?
    A: Adrianna starred in the Netflix film “Squared Love,” where she portrayed the character Monica.
  16. Q: Is Adrianna Chlebicka involved in any charitable activities?
    A: Adrianna actively advocates for animal rights and welfare, reflecting her deep affection for animals.
  17. Q: What is Adrianna Chlebicka’s favorite aspect of her career as an actress?
    A: Adrianna’s favorite aspect of her career may include the opportunity to embody diverse characters and connect with audiences worldwide.
  18. Q: Has Adrianna Chlebicka collaborated with any renowned designers in the fashion industry?
    A: Yes, Adrianna has collaborated with renowned designers, showcasing her passion for fashion.
  19. Q: Does Adrianna Chlebicka have any upcoming projects in the entertainment industry?
    A: Details about Adrianna’s upcoming projects are not provided in the current information.
  20. Q: What advice would Adrianna Chlebicka give to aspiring actors or actresses?
    A: Specific advice from Adrianna is not mentioned, but her journey serves as inspiration for aspiring individuals pursuing careers in acting.

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