Brady Hepner, a luminary in the realm of American cinema, stands tall as a beacon of talent and charisma. Delving into the depths of his journey, from his roots to the zenith of his career, unveils a narrative rich with passion and dedication.

Brady Hepner Age

At the helm of his youthful vigor, Brady Hepner, born on August 18, 2005, exudes an aura of creativity and promise, marking his age at 18 years as of 2024.

Physical Appearance

Manifesting a captivating allure, Brady Hepner boasts a stature of 5 feet 8 inches, complemented by a physique weighing 65 kg. His aesthetic proportions measure 32-28-34, embellished with brown hair cascading like autumn leaves, and piercing blue eyes that reflect depths untold.

Career and Achievements

Initiating his odyssey in 2021, Brady Hepner ventured into the realm of acting with a riveting portrayal in the TV series “Chicago Fire,” wherein he portrayed the character of Dylan, etching his presence in the hearts of viewers.

A Voyage Through Cinematic Realms

In the annals of cinematic endeavors, Brady’s endeavors continued to flourish as he graced the silver screen with his portrayal of Cal Evans in the film “Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens” in the same year. His prowess further illuminated the small screen with a guest appearance in the TV series “See/Saw,” essaying the role of Thomas Plus in 2022.

Pinnacle of Stardom: “The Black Phone”

Crowning his repertoire of achievements, Brady Hepner ascended to unparalleled acclaim with his role in the spine-chilling masterpiece, “The Black Phone.” Directed by the visionary Scott Derrickson and released on June 24, 2022, the film enraptured audiences worldwide, solidifying Brady’s stature as a luminary in the realm of horror cinema.


Nurtured under the loving guidance of David Hepner and Jenifer Hepner, Brady Hepner’s familial bonds serve as the cornerstone of his endeavors, fostering a nurturing environment conducive to his artistic pursuits.


In matters of the heart, Brady Hepner maintains a veil of secrecy, with his marital status undisclosed and his romantic affiliations shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to his persona.

Educational Qualification

While the details of his educational journey remain undisclosed, Brady Hepner’s commitment to his craft stands as a testament to his dedication and acumen in navigating the realms of cinema.


Adhering to a lifestyle veiled in discretion, Brady Hepner’s penchant for privacy extends to his dietary habits and recreational pursuits, lending an air of mystique to his persona.

Net Worth

With a net worth amounting to $700k, Brady Hepner’s endeavors in the realm of acting serve as a testament to his prowess and potential, illuminating a path paved with success and prosperity.

Social Media Presence

In an age defined by connectivity, Brady Hepner maintains a vibrant presence across various social media platforms, offering glimpses into his artistic endeavors and engaging with his legion of admirers.


Frequently Asked Question

  • Who is Brady Hepner?
    • American actor Brady Hepner, born on August 18, 2005, hails from North Carolina, United States, carving a niche for himself in the realm of cinema.
  • How old is Brady Hepner?
    • Brady Hepner stands at the threshold of adulthood, marking his age at 18 years as of 2024.
  • How tall is Brady Hepner?
    • Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, Brady Hepner commands attention with his charismatic presence and towering stature.



In the tapestry of Hollywood’s illustrious history, Brady Hepner emerges as a luminary, casting a radiant glow upon the silver screen with his indelible performances and unwavering dedication. As he continues to traverse the realms of cinema, his journey serves as an inspiration, igniting the flames of creativity and passion in the hearts of aspiring artists worldwide.

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