Cal Foote Relationship Status and the Ongoing Assault Case: Is Julia Wrobel His Wife?

Cal Foote

Cal Foote’s Relationship Status: Unveiling the Story with Julia Wrobel

Cal Foote, the talented defenseman for the New Jersey Devils, has been a subject of intrigue not only for his on-ice performances but also for his personal life. Let’s delve into the details of his relationship with Julia Wrobel and the recent developments in his career.

Cal Foote’s Romantic Journey: Unraveling the Story with Julia Wrobel

Cal Foote, 25, has managed to keep his dating life under wraps, but the details have started to emerge. Despite rumors, he is not married to his long-term lover, Julia Wrobel. The couple, who initially kept their relationship private, made it public in October 2022 through a captivating Instagram post.

Cal Foote

A Glimpse into Their Relationship

In a rare public appearance on Instagram, Cal Foote shared a selfie with Julia, giving fans a sneak peek into their relationship. The photo, likely taken at an afternoon meal gathering, showcased the couple color-coordinated and exuding elegance. Wrobel donned a short blue flowery dress, while Foote opted for a stylish blue suit and a white shirt. The easygoing appearance and the subtle red heart emoji in Cal’s caption hinted at the couple’s happiness. The second image, posted on August 31, 2023, featured the duo in color-coordinated outfits attending an event at Whistle Bear Golf Club.

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Julia Wrobel: An Enigma

While Cal Foote has chosen to limit comments on his Instagram posts, Julia Wrobel’s account remains private, leaving fans curious to know more about her. With a surname of Polish origin, it’s possible that Julia’s family has a unique story, potentially adding to the intrigue of their relationship.

Cal Foote’s Hockey Career: A Rollercoaster Ride

Cal Foote’s journey in the National Hockey League has been a rollercoaster, marked by highs and recent lows. Debuting in 2020 with the Tampa Bay Lightning, he was selected 14th overall in the 2017 NHL draft. However, despite early promise, his career faced setbacks.

From Lightning to Predators and Now a Devil

Foote’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn when he was traded to the Nashville Predators halfway through the 2022 season. Subsequently, he signed with the New Jersey Devils in 2023. However, despite the change in scenery, his on-ice contributions have not matched expectations, leading to an indefinite leave of absence from the Devils alongside colleague Michael McLeod.

The Cloud of Controversy

The recent developments in Cal Foote’s career are overshadowed by an ongoing police investigation. Allegations of sexual assault involving five members of the 2018 Canadian World Junior team, including Foote, have resurfaced, leading to an indefinite leave from the team.

Cal Foote

The Cal Foote Case: Unpacking the Controversy

The controversy dates back to 2018, with a disturbing incident of gang sexual assault reported. Initially resolved by Hockey Canada to protect the sport’s reputation, the case was reopened in July 2022 due to public outcry. Authorities recently urged five players, including Cal Foote, to surrender in connection with the allegations.


In conclusion, Cal Foote’s life, both personal and professional, is currently under scrutiny. As fans await further updates on his relationship with Julia Wrobel and the resolution of the legal matters, the future remains uncertain for this talented defenseman. Stay tuned for more developments in the evolving story of Cal Foote.

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