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Chris Jones

Christopher Deshun Jones, a formidable force in the National Football League (NFL), commands the defensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs. Born on July 3, 1994, in Houston, Mississippi, Jones’s journey to gridiron greatness began early, fueled by an innate passion for the game. Let’s delve into the fascinating narrative of his formative years and ascent to professional football prowess.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Chris Jones
Date of Birth July 3, 1994
Birth Day July 3
Birth Years 1994
Birth Place Houston, Mississippi, U.S.
Birth City  Mississippi
Height 6 feet 6 inches
Weight 141 kg
Birth Country United States
Nationality/Country United States
Race Being Updated
Ethnicity Ethnicity
Sun sign, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Cancer
Famous As

American football defensive tackle

Also Known for American football defensive tackle
Occupation American football defensive tackle

Early Years and Football Genesis

Hailing from Houston, Mississippi, Chris Jones discovered his fervor for football amid the Southern fervency for the sport. His early years were marked by an unwavering dedication to honing his athletic prowess, setting the stage for his illustrious NFL career.

Throughout his high school tenure, Jones distinguished himself with unparalleled skill, capturing the attention of collegiate scouts nationwide. Following his graduation, he embarked on a transformative chapter at Mississippi State University, where he showcased his exceptional talent, captivating audiences and NFL talent evaluators alike.

Physical Attributes: Towering Stature and Athletic Build

Renowned as a defensive stalwart, Chris Jones boasts remarkable physical attributes that set him apart on the gridiron. Standing tall at an impressive 6 feet 6 inches, he towers over adversaries, leveraging his imposing stature to dominate the line of scrimmage. Furthermore, his robust build, weighing in at 141 kilograms, underscores his prowess as a formidable defensive force.

Navigating Professional Challenges and Triumphs

Jones’s professional journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges. In the lead-up to the 2023 season, negotiations for a contract extension kept him from attending the Chiefs’ training camp, resulting in financial penalties for his absence.

Chris Jones

However, a resolution was reached, culminating in a new one-year deal with the Chiefs. His impact on the field was palpable, particularly during the 2023 Super Bowl showdown against the San Francisco 49ers, where his pivotal plays proved instrumental in securing victory for Kansas City.

Financial Fortunes and Charitable Endeavors

Beyond the gridiron, Chris Jones has amassed a substantial net worth, estimated at $5 million, a testament to his prolific career and noteworthy achievements in professional football. However, Jones’s influence extends far beyond his on-field exploits; he actively participates in philanthropic endeavors, championing various humanitarian causes and giving back to his community.

Love, Loyalty, and Legacy

In matters of the heart, Chris Jones shares a discreet yet enduring bond with his girlfriend, Sheawna Weathersby. Their relationship, which commenced in November 2015, has been a source of unwavering support and encouragement for Jones throughout his NFL journey.

Chris Jones

Weathersby’s steadfast presence in the stands reflects the depth of their connection, as she stands by his side through triumphs and challenges alike, including the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl victory.

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Chris Jones’s narrative epitomizes the quintessential American football success story, characterized by perseverance, passion, and unwavering dedication. From humble beginnings in Mississippi to the pinnacle of NFL glory, Jones’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and football enthusiasts worldwide, reaffirming the transformative power of talent, tenacity, and teamwork.


  1. What position does Chris Jones play for the Kansas City Chiefs?
    • Chris Jones is a defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. 
  2. Where did Chris Jones play college football?
    • Chris Jones played college football for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. 
  3. How many Super Bowl championships does Chris Jones have?
    • Chris Jones has three Super Bowl championships. 
  4. How many All-Pro selections has Chris Jones received?
    • Chris Jones has received five All-Pro selections. 
  5. How many times has Chris Jones been selected for the Pro Bowl?
    • Chris Jones has been selected for the Pro Bowl five times. 
  6. What is Chris Jones’s height and weight?
    • Chris Jones stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 141 kilograms. 
  7. Why did Chris Jones miss the Chiefs’ training camp in 2023?
    • Chris Jones missed the Chiefs’ training camp in 2023 due to contract negotiations for a contract extension. 
  8. What were the consequences of Chris Jones’s absence from the training camp?
    • Chris Jones incurred a $50,000 penalty for each day he failed to report to the training camp. 
  9. When did Chris Jones and the Chiefs agree to a new contract deal?
    • Chris Jones and the Chiefs agreed to a new one-year contract deal on September 11, 2023. 
  10. How did Chris Jones perform in the 2023 Super Bowl?
    • Chris Jones made four total tackles (two solo) and applied crucial pressure in overtime, contributing to the Chiefs’ victory in the 2023 Super Bowl. 
  11. What is Chris Jones’s estimated net worth?
    • Chris Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 
  12. Apart from football, what philanthropic efforts has Chris Jones been involved in?
    • Chris Jones has been actively engaged in supporting numerous humanitarian projects and giving back to the community. 
  13. Who is Chris Jones’s girlfriend?
    • Chris Jones’s girlfriend is Sheawna Weathersby. 
  14. How long have Chris Jones and Sheawna Weathersby been dating?
    • Chris Jones and Sheawna Weathersby have been dating since November 2015. 
  15. How many Super Bowl rings has Chris Jones won?
    • Chris Jones has won three Super Bowl rings. 
  16. What position does Chris Jones play in football?
    • Chris Jones plays as a defensive tackle. 
  17. Where was Chris Jones born?
    • Chris Jones was born in Houston, Mississippi. 
  18. Which team drafted Chris Jones in the NFL Draft?
    • Chris Jones was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. 
  19. What made Chris Jones stand out during his high school football career?
    • Chris Jones became renowned for his extraordinary skill and performance on the field during his high school football career. 
  20. How many seasons has Chris Jones played for the Kansas City Chiefs?

    • Chris Jones has played for the Kansas City Chiefs since being drafted in the 2016 NFL Draft, totaling several seasons with the team.

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