James Tarkowski’s: Wealth, Delving into His Earnings and Salary – Net Worth

James Tarkowski's

Everton center-back James Tarkowski boasts a substantial net worth, cultivated through his extensive tenure in the English Premier League. His journey began at Oldham Athletic, where he commenced his professional career in 2010, later transitioning to Brentford in 2014.

Rising Through the Ranks

Ascending through the ranks, Tarkowski’s standout performances at Brentford garnered attention, leading to a pivotal move to Burnley in January 2016. Throughout his tenure at Burnley, he not only honed his skills on the field but also witnessed a significant increase in his financial earnings.

Monetary Milestones

From 2015 to 2018, Tarkowski’s annual earnings at Burnley amounted to a substantial £1,144,000. Demonstrating his prowess, his basic wage surged to £2,600,000 at the onset of the 2018-19 season. Upon joining Everton FC in 2022, he secured a lucrative four-year contract totaling £20,800,000, equating to an average yearly income of £5,200,000.

James Tarkowski's

Beyond the Pitch: Diversifying Income Streams

Off the soccer field, Tarkowski’s prominence as a renowned athlete transcends into lucrative partnerships and ventures. Notably, he inked a collaboration with the esteemed athletic brand Adidas, amplifying both his stature in the sports realm and his overall earnings.

Venturing into Entertainment

Further bolstering his financial portfolio, Tarkowski delved into the realm of entertainment, featuring as a TV personality in the Amazon documentary series “Married To The Game.” Offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of soccer players through the lens of their partners, the series contributed to Tarkowski’s multifaceted revenue streams.

James Tarkowski's

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Estimating James Tarkowski’s Net Worth

Taking into account his lucrative contracts, endorsements, and diverse ventures, James Tarkowski’s estimated net worth stands impressively at approximately £10 million. This substantial wealth underscores not only his prowess on the soccer field but also his astute business acumen and ventures beyond the realm of sports.


  1. Q: What is James Tarkowski’s current club?
    • A: James Tarkowski currently plays for Everton FC as a center-back. 
  2. Q: When did James Tarkowski start his professional career?
    • A: Tarkowski initiated his professional career in 2010 with Oldham Athletic. 
  3. Q: Which teams has James Tarkowski played for in the English Premier League?
    • A: Tarkowski has played for Burnley and Everton FC in the English Premier League. 
  4. Q: How did James Tarkowski begin his journey in the Premier League?
    • A: He transitioned to the Premier League by joining Burnley in January 2016. 
  5. Q: What significant move did James Tarkowski make in 2022?
    • A: In 2022, Tarkowski made a notable move to Everton FC from Burnley. 
  6. Q: What position does James Tarkowski play?
    • A: James Tarkowski plays as a center-back in professional soccer. 
  7. Q: When was James Tarkowski’s debut for the England national team?
    • A: Tarkowski made his debut for the England national team in 2018. 
  8. Q: What brands has James Tarkowski collaborated with?
    • A: Tarkowski has partnered with Adidas, a renowned athletic brand. 
  9. Q: In which documentary did James Tarkowski feature as a TV personality?
    • A: Tarkowski appeared as a TV personality in the Amazon documentary series “Married To The Game.” 
  10. Q: What does “Married To The Game” depict?
    • A: The documentary series offers an inside look into the lives of soccer players through the perspective of their partners. 
  11. Q: What was James Tarkowski’s basic salary during his time at Burnley?
    • A: Tarkowski’s basic salary at Burnley ranged from £1,144,000 to £2,600,000 annually. 
  12. Q: How long is James Tarkowski’s contract with Everton FC?
    • A: Tarkowski signed a four-year contract with Everton FC upon joining in 2022. 
  13. Q: What is the estimated net worth of James Tarkowski?
    • A: James Tarkowski’s estimated net worth is approximately £10 million. 
  14. Q: How much did James Tarkowski’s contract with Everton FC amount to?
    • A: Tarkowski’s contract with Everton FC is valued at £20,800,000 over four years. 
  15. Q: What factors contribute to James Tarkowski’s net worth?
    • A: Tarkowski’s net worth is influenced by his soccer contracts, endorsements, and entertainment ventures. 
  16. Q: Who were James Tarkowski’s idols growing up?
    • A: Tarkowski admired Manchester United legends David Beckham and Paul Scholes during his formative years. 
  17. Q: What significant achievements has James Tarkowski attained in his career?
    • A: Tarkowski has represented the England national team and has established himself as a dependable center-back in the Premier League. 
  18. Q: How did James Tarkowski’s performance at Brentford impact his career?
    • A: Tarkowski’s impressive performances at Brentford paved the way for his transition to Burnley and subsequent success in the Premier League. 
  19. Q: What opportunities has James Tarkowski explored beyond soccer?
    • A: Tarkowski has ventured into entertainment through his involvement in the Amazon documentary series and has secured lucrative endorsements with brands like Adidas. 
  20. Q: What distinguishes James Tarkowski’s journey in professional soccer?

    • A: Tarkowski’s journey is characterized by his resilience, skill, and ability to diversify his income streams, setting him apart as a notable figure in the soccer world.

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