Kelly Middaugh: Parents – Wayne And Sherry Middaugh

Kelly Middaugh

A Legacy of Champions

Kelly Middaugh’s upbringing was steeped in the ethos of athleticism, with curling coursing through her veins. Born on August 2, 1999, in Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada, Kelly inherited a rich tradition from her parents, both stalwarts in the world of curling.

Wayne Middaugh, her father, stands unparalleled as a three-time world champion, a feat unmatched by any other, triumphing across three distinct positions. Alongside him, Sherry Middaugh, Kelly’s mother, has left an indelible mark with five Ontario championships and one Saskatchewan title adorning her illustrious career.

The Journey Begins: Curling Roots

From a tender age, Kelly found herself drawn into the mesmerizing world of curling. Despite initial reluctance, she embraced the sport wholeheartedly, embarking on her journey at the age of ten in a Sunday youth curling league. Fuelled by passion and determination, she persisted, honing her skills over the span of three to four years, laying the groundwork for a remarkable career ahead.

Kelly Middaugh

The Golden Years: University Triumphs

Stepping into Wilfrid Laurier University, Kelly found her prowess reaching new heights. Representing the Golden Hawks, she carved her path to glory, clinching the sixth position in the U Sports tournament and earning the prestigious title of a first-team All-Canadian. With a fervent dedication to both academics and curling, Kelly pursued a degree in Global Studies, adding yet another feather to her cap before transitioning to Algonquin College.

Family Ties: The Middaugh Legacy

Kelly’s family echoes a symphony of athleticism and camaraderie. Her parents, Wayne and Sherry Middaugh, alongside her younger sister Emily, weave a tapestry of curling excellence. Sherry, not only a formidable curler but also a thriving businesswoman, epitomizes resilience and success. Meanwhile, Wayne’s illustrious career spans victories in the Canadian Men’s Curling Championship across various roles, a testament to his unwavering skill and versatility.

Kelly Middaugh

Emily Middaugh: Embracing the Tradition

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Emily Middaugh, aged 20, embodies the family’s passion for curling. As a member of the U21 Ontario team, she recently clinched victory in the Junior Curling Cup, adding yet another accolade to the family’s illustrious legacy. Emily’s journey underscores the profound influence of the curling community, drawing her inexorably into its fold and cementing her commitment to upholding the family tradition.

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In essence, the Middaugh saga epitomizes a legacy etched in ice, a testament to the unyielding spirit and boundless passion that fuels their journey through the hallowed halls of curling excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kelly Middaugh and Curling

  1. Q: What is Kelly Middaugh’s background in curling?
    • A: Kelly Middaugh, born in Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada, hails from a family deeply rooted in curling. Both her parents, Wayne and Sherry Middaugh, are renowned figures in the sport, with Wayne being a three-time world champion and Sherry boasting multiple championship wins in Ontario and Saskatchewan. 
  2. Q: How did Kelly Middaugh’s curling journey begin?
    • A: Kelly’s journey in curling commenced at the age of ten when she reluctantly joined a Sunday youth curling league. Despite initial reservations, her passion and dedication blossomed over the years, shaping her into the accomplished curler she is today. 
  3. Q: What are some highlights of Kelly Middaugh’s university career?
    • A: While at Wilfrid Laurier University, Kelly excelled both academically and athletically. Representing the Golden Hawks, she achieved notable success, finishing sixth in the U Sports tournament and earning the distinction of a first-team All-Canadian. 
  4. Q: Can you tell us about Kelly Middaugh’s family involvement in curling?
    • A: Curling runs deep in the Middaugh family. Kelly’s parents, Wayne and Sherry, have illustrious careers in the sport, with Sherry also balancing her curling prowess with a successful business venture. Additionally, Kelly’s younger sister, Emily, follows in her footsteps, actively participating in curling tournaments. 
  5. Q: What achievements has Emily Middaugh, Kelly’s sister, attained in curling?

    • A: Emily Middaugh, aged 20, is carving her own path in the world of curling. As a member of the U21 Ontario team, she recently secured victory in the Junior Curling Cup. Emily’s success underscores the enduring legacy of excellence that permeates the Middaugh family’s curling heritage.

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