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Kerri Browitt Caviezel

Kerri Browitt Caviezel, often overshadowed by her husband’s Hollywood spotlight, emerges from the shadows with a story of her own. Born in Washington, USA, Kerri’s journey begins amidst the serene landscapes of Mount Vernon. Raised by parents David James Browitt and Jean Vandetta, Kerri grew up alongside her siblings, two brothers – David and Jim, and a sister named Kristen Linehan.

Quick Facts:

Real Name Kerri Browitt Caviezel
Nick Name Kerri
Birthday 26 September 1968
Birthplace Washington, USA
Hometown Mount Vernon, Washington State, USA
Age as of 2020 50 years Old
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 60 Kg
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession Teacher & Flutist
Zodiac sign Libra
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Body Measurements 34-25-34
Shoe (Feet) Size N/A
Husband/Spouse Name Jim Caviezel
Children 3 Children (adopted)
Net Worth (approx.) $1 million USD (As of 2020)
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian

Tracing Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s Academic Achievements

Kerri’s academic prowess shone brightly during her formative years. Attending Cle Elum-Roslyn High School in Cle Elum, Washington, she not only excelled in academics but also showcased her talents on the basketball court while melodiously playing the flute. Her passion for basketball led her to Western Washington University, where she became an integral part of the WWU Vikings team.

Kerri Browitt Caviezel

Kerri’s legacy in college basketball was etched with remarkable achievements, including co-captaining the team during the historic 1988-89 season, marked by a record-breaking 30 wins and 5 losses. Her stellar performances earned her a place in the President’s List nine times, alongside the prestigious title of AIA National Scholar-Athlete.

Unveiling Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s Professional Journey

Post-graduation, Kerri continued to shine, transitioning seamlessly into the realms of teaching and entrepreneurship. Armed with a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Houston, she embarked on a journey in education. From molding young minds as a high school English and Journalism teacher to nurturing budding intellects as an elementary school educator, Kerri’s commitment to education remained unwavering.

In 2002, she ventured into the realm of writing with the publication of her book “The Adventures of Thelma Thumb,” marking the inception of her literary endeavors. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit soared as she established “The Teaching Company,” a platform dedicated to enhancing educational methodologies through innovative training courses and workshops.

Delving into Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s Personal Life

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Kerri embraces a fulfilling personal life. Residing amidst the serene mountains of North Carolina alongside her husband, Jim Caviezel, and their three children, she finds solace in the simplicity of domestic bliss. Despite the allure of Hollywood’s limelight, Kerri’s dedication to her family remains paramount, epitomizing the essence of a devoted wife and nurturing mother.

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In Conclusion

Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s narrative transcends the realms of Hollywood stardom, illuminating a path defined by resilience, intellect, and unwavering dedication. From her triumphs on the basketball court to her impactful contributions in education and entrepreneurship, Kerri’s journey serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

As she continues to carve her legacy, both in the corridors of academia and the tapestries of familial love, Kerri Browitt Caviezel stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the essence of a life well-lived.


1. Who is Kerri Browitt Caviezel?

  • Kerri Browitt Caviezel is best known as the wife of acclaimed actor Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” Additionally, she is an accomplished educator and writer.

2. What is Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s educational background?

  • Kerri attended Cle Elum-Roslyn High School in Washington, where she excelled in basketball and academics. She later pursued higher education at Western Washington University, where she continued her basketball career and achieved academic success.

3. What sports did Kerri Browitt Caviezel excel in during her school years?

  • Kerri was a talented basketball player and also played the flute. She showcased her athletic abilities while attending Cle Elum-Roslyn High School.

4. What achievements did Kerri Browitt Caviezel attain during her college basketball career?

  • Kerri was a co-captain of the WWU Vikings basketball team during the 1988-89 season, setting records and leading her team to significant victories, including winning 30 out of 35 games.

5. In which academic honors did Kerri Browitt Caviezel excel during her university years?

  • Kerri’s academic excellence was evident through her inclusion on the President’s List nine times and her recognition as an AIA National Scholar-Athlete.

6. What is Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s professional career apart from being Jim Caviezel’s wife?

  • Kerri pursued a career in education, initially teaching high school English and Journalism before transitioning to elementary school teaching. She later became an author and established her own educational business.

7. What notable book did Kerri Browitt Caviezel write?

  • Kerri authored “The Adventures of Thelma Thumb,” demonstrating her creativity and writing skills.

8. What is “The Teaching Company,” founded by Kerri Browitt Caviezel?

  • “The Teaching Company” is an educational organization established by Kerri to provide training courses for teachers, workshops for parents, and courses for students to enhance their learning experience.

9. What online course did Kerri Browitt Caviezel create?

  • Kerri developed “The Ultimate Guide to Math,” an online course designed to make learning mathematics enjoyable and accessible to students.

10. Where does Kerri Browitt Caviezel currently teach?

  • Kerri is a full-time teacher at Oakridge Middle School in San Jose, California.

11. What accolade did Kerri Browitt Caviezel receive in 2015?

  • In February 2015, Kerri was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame at Western Washington University in recognition of her outstanding contribution to basketball.

12. What are Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s body measurements?

  • Kerri stands approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs around 60 kilograms, and has chest, waist, and hip measurements of 34 inches each. She has dark brown hair and eyes.

13. When and where was Kerri Browitt Caviezel born?

  • Kerri was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, on September 26, 1968.

14. What is Jim Caviezel’s most famous role?

  • Jim Caviezel gained fame for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the film “The Passion of the Christ.”

15. Besides acting, what other professions has Jim Caviezel pursued?

  • Jim Caviezel has also starred in various films and TV shows, including “The Thin Red Line,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Person of Interest,” and “Frequency.”

16. Where does Kerri Browitt Caviezel currently reside?

  • Kerri lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, Jim Caviezel, their three children, and their dog.

17. What degrees does Kerri Browitt Caviezel hold?

  • Kerri holds a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Houston and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

18. How long has Kerri Browitt Caviezel been involved in education?

  • Kerri has been actively involved in education for over twenty years.

19. What distinguishes Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s teaching approach?

  • Kerri’s teaching approach emphasizes creativity, innovation, and personalized learning experiences for her students.

20. What values does Kerri Browitt Caviezel’s life exemplify?

  • Kerri’s life is marked by dedication to education, family, and personal growth, showcasing the importance of pursuing diverse interests and making meaningful contributions to society.

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