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Lola Tung


In the bustling streets of New York City, a star was born – Lola Tung. At the tender age of 20, Lola Tung ventured into the glittering world of Hollywood, leaving an indelible mark with her debut performance in a Prime Video TV series. The show, titled “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” propelled Lola into the limelight, casting her as the enigmatic lead character, Belly, in a captivating love triangle narrative adapted from Jenny Han’s beloved novel.

Lola Tung

Lola Tung Wiki/Bio:


Real Name Lola Tung
Lola Tung Agent Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
Lola Tung In Limelight The Summer I Turned Pretty.
Lola Tung Profession Actress.
Lola Tung Age 20 years old.
Lola Tung Birth Date October 28, 2002.
Lola Tung Birth Place New York City, America.
Lola Tung Lives in NYC.
Lola Tung Gender Female.
Lola Tung Nationality American.
Lola Tung Zodiac Scorpio.
Lola Tung Ethnicities Mixed.
Lola Tung Family
Lola Tung Parents Mother: Pia Tung.
Father: –.
Lola Tung Follow on
Lola Tung Instagram
Lola Tung Love Life
Lola Tung Marital Status Unmarried.
Lola Tung Boyfriend –.
Lola Tung Body Measurements
Lola Tung Weight Kg: 45.
Pounds: 99 lbs.
Lola Tung Hair Brunette.
Lola Tung Height In feet: 5’6″.
In centimeters: 167 cm.
In meters: 1.67 m.
Lola Tung Eyes Brown.
Lola Tung Education
Lola Tung School Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.
Lola Tung College Carnegie Mellon University.
Lola Tung Education
Lola Tung Television The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022).
Lola Tung worth $97.2k.
Lola Tung Skills
Lola Tung Dance Jazz.

Lola Tung Early Life and Background

Born on October 28, 2002, Lola Tung emerged from the heart of New York City, cradled in the embrace of an Asian-American family. Despite her inclination towards privacy, snippets of her familial ties reveal her mother, Pia Tung, as a pivotal figure in her life. Lola’s formative years were shaped by her education at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, where her artistic flair began to blossom. In 2020, she graduated with flying colors, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Lola Tung

Lola Tung A Journey to Stardom

Driven by a passion for the performing arts, Lola embarked on her academic pursuit at Carnegie Mellon University in 2021, delving into the realms of drama and musical theatre. However, her aspirations extended beyond the confines of academia, as she sought to carve her niche in the entertainment industry. Aligning herself with renowned talent agencies such as GSA Entertainment and Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Lola navigated auditions with finesse, culminating in her breakthrough role in “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

Lola Tung

The Ascendancy of Lola Tung

Unlike many fledgling actors who tread the path of anonymity, Lola stormed into the spotlight with her portrayal of Belly, captivating audiences with her charisma and depth. The series’ release on June 17 garnered widespread acclaim, with praises showered upon Lola for her compelling portrayal of the titular character. Bolstered by the success of her debut, Lola stands poised on the precipice of a burgeoning career, with promising prospects in both television and film.

Lola Tung

Lola Tung Advocacy and Activism

Beyond the realms of entertainment, Lola Tung emerges as a beacon of social consciousness, lending her voice to various humanitarian causes. Her active participation in protests, documented on her Instagram account, underscores her commitment to effecting positive change in society. As she navigates the complexities of fame, Lola remains steadfast in her advocacy, using her platform to amplify marginalized voices and champion social justice.

Lola Tung

Lola Tung Q&A

  • How old is Lola Tung?
    Lola Tung is currently 20 years old, poised at the threshold of her burgeoning career.
  • When does Lola Tung’s birthday occur?
    Lola Tung’s birthday falls on October 28, a date commemorated with reverence by her legion of fans.
  • What is Lola Tung’s nationality?
    Lola Tung hails from the United States of America, a testament to the multicultural tapestry that defines her identity.
  • What is the username of Lola Tung’s Instagram account?
    Lola Tung can be found on Instagram under the handle “@lola.tung,” offering glimpses into her life beyond the silver screen.
  • Who portrayed Belly in “The Summer I Turned Pretty”?
    Lola Tung graced the screen as Belly, breathing life into the character with her unparalleled talent and grace.
  • Who is Lola Tung’s mother?
    Pia Tung assumes the role of Lola Tung’s mother, a guiding light in her journey towards stardom.
  • Does Lola Tung have a significant other?
    Presently, Lola Tung remains unattached, channeling her focus and dedication towards her burgeoning acting career.

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In the kaleidoscopic realm of Hollywood, Lola Tung emerges as a luminary, illuminating screens with her talent and tenacity. From her humble origins in New York City to her meteoric rise to fame, Lola’s journey epitomizes the quintessential American Dream. As she continues to grace our screens with her presence, Lola Tung stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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