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Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, scion of the esteemed Cavill lineage, was born in the mid-1970s amidst the tranquil shores of the Channel Islands. His upbringing, steeped in the rich tapestry of Irish, Scottish, and English heritage, instilled in him values of honor and camaraderie from an early age.

Quick Facts:

Real Name Niki Richard Dalgilesh Cavill
Nickname Hulk
Birthday 1975
Birthplace Saint Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom
Hometown Saint Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom
Age as of 2023 48 years old
Height 6′ 1′
Weight 85 kg
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession Soldier in The Royal Marines
Zodiac sign N/A
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Wife/Spouse Name Charlotte-Rhodes Brooks
Years Active N/A
Known for Second-Oldest Cavill Brother
Siblings 5 brothers
Parents Colin Cavill, Marianne Cavill
Net Worth (approx.) $1 million
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Favorite Gadgets Smartphones, Digital Cameras, Smart Watch, etc.

A Journey of Service: Niki’s Military Career

Embarking on a path distinct from his renowned sibling, Niki found his calling in the hallowed halls of the Royal Marines. Rising through the ranks with unwavering resolve, he distinguished himself within the elite echelons of the Royal Marines Commandos.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

The Cavill Fraternity: Bonds Beyond Blood

United by a shared ethos of duty and sacrifice, Niki and his brothers epitomize solidarity in the face of adversity. Though disparate in pursuits, their unyielding support for one another forms the cornerstone of their familial legacy.

Championing Causes: Niki’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Beyond the call of duty, Niki exemplifies benevolence through his endeavors in charity. Whether pounding the pavement in support of wildlife conservation or spearheading fundraising initiatives, his commitment to noble causes echoes his indomitable spirit.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

A Portrait of Courage: Niki’s Heroic Exploits

In the crucible of conflict, Niki emerges as a beacon of courage and fortitude. Decorated with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his valorous actions in Afghanistan, his gallantry serves as a testament to the finest traditions of military service.

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In Conclusion

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, a luminary in the annals of military history, stands as a paragon of valor and selflessness. His unwavering dedication to duty, coupled with a profound sense of humility, renders him a figure of utmost admiration and reverence.


1. Who is Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill?

  • Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is a distinguished member of the Royal Marines, renowned for his bravery and leadership.

2. What are Niki Cavill’s familial ties?

  • Niki Cavill is the brother of Henry Cavill, a celebrated actor known for his roles in Superman and The Witcher.

3. What is Niki’s background?

  • Niki hails from a lineage of Irish, Scottish, and English descent, born into a Roman Catholic family in the Channel Islands.

4. How many siblings does Niki have?

  • Niki is one of five brothers in the Cavill family.

5. What is Niki Cavill’s profession?

  • Niki Cavill is a distinguished member of the Royal Marines, serving with valor and distinction.

6. Has Niki received any honors for his service?

  • Yes, Niki was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his bravery during a mission in Afghanistan.

7. What role did Niki play in the Royal Marines Commandos?

  • Niki served in the Royal Marines Commandos, a special forces unit within the Royal Navy, where he gained recognition for his exceptional leadership.

8. What is Niki Cavill’s net worth?

  • Niki Cavill’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, earned through his career in the military.

9. Is Niki involved in philanthropic activities?

  • Yes, Niki actively participates in charity events, including fundraising marathons for organizations like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

10. How did Niki’s upbringing influence his values?

  • Niki’s upbringing in a close-knit family environment imbued him with values of honor, camaraderie, and service.

11. What distinguishes Niki from his brother Henry Cavill?

  • While Henry Cavill pursued a career in acting, Niki chose to serve his country in the military, demonstrating diverse paths within the Cavill family.

12. How did Niki rise through the ranks in the Royal Marines?

  • Niki’s dedication and leadership skills propelled him through the ranks, culminating in his promotion to the rank of Colonel.

13. What notable achievements did Niki accomplish during his military service?

  • Niki’s notable achievements include leading missions in Afghanistan, apprehending Taliban leaders, and receiving commendations for his bravery.

14. Is Niki married?

  • Yes, Niki is married to Charlotte-Rhodes Brooks, although they prefer to keep their personal life private.

15. How does Niki contribute to the legacy of the Cavill family?

  • Niki contributes to the Cavill family legacy through his exemplary service in the military, embodying values of courage, dedication, and selflessness.

16. Does Niki have any children?

  • There is no public information available regarding Niki’s children.

17. What motivates Niki’s participation in charity runs?

  • Niki’s participation in charity runs is driven by his desire to support causes such as wildlife conservation and contribute to the greater good.

18. How does Niki balance his military career with public attention?

  • Despite being the brother of a famous actor, Niki maintains a low profile and focuses on his military duties, avoiding excessive public attention.

19. What impact does Niki’s leadership have on his fellow Marines?

  • Niki’s leadership inspires his fellow Marines, fostering a culture of excellence, courage, and camaraderie within the ranks.

20. What legacy does Niki hope to leave behind?

  • Niki hopes to be remembered for his unwavering commitment to duty, his contributions to charitable causes, and his dedication to serving his country and community.

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