Sami Reinwein: Age and Biography – A Comprehensive Guide to Anna Kalinskaya’s Boyfriend

Sami Reinwein

Anna Kalinskaya Romantic Journey: From Nick Kyrgios to Sami Reinwein

Anna Kalinskaya, the talented Russian tennis sensation, has not only been making waves on the court but also in the realm of love. Let’s delve into her dating history, from her past relationship with Nick Kyrgios to her current romance with Sami Reinwein.

Anna Kalinskaya’s Tennis Triumphs

Anna Kalinskaya, born on December 2, 1998, emerged onto the tennis scene at the age of 17, clinching the Grand Slam girls’ doubles championship at the 2016 Australian Open alongside Tereza Mihalikova. The rising star reached the finals of the 2015 French Open girls’ singles tournament and the 2015 US Open doubles tournament with compatriot Anastasia Potapova. Notably, her stellar performance at the Australian Open recently propelled her to the quarterfinals.


Sami Reinwein: Anna Kalinskaya’s Current Flame

In the realm of romance, Anna Kalinskaya is currently in a relationship with Sami Reinwein, a fellow tennis player hailing from Germany. Born on May 29, 1992, in Freiburg, Germany, Sami has transitioned from being an ex-professional footballer to a qualified coach. While not as active on social media as his girlfriend, Sami occasionally shares insights into his tennis career.

Anna and Sami’s Love Story Timeline

Despite not publicly announcing their relationship, media reports suggest that Anna Kalinskaya and Sami Reinwein have been romantically involved for over a year. The exact date of their first encounter remains uncertain, but speculations hint at a prolonged connection. While engagement rumors circulate, concrete evidence supporting such claims is lacking.

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A Glimpse into Anna Kalinskaya’s Past: Nick Kyrgios Relationship

Before Sami Reinwein entered the scene, Anna Kalinskaya was in a high-profile relationship with Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Confirming their connection in 2019 at the Citi Open in Washington, the couple garnered attention for their two-year romance. However, the relationship took a turn, and in an Instagram post, Anna remarked, “You’re not a bad boy; you are simply a bad person,” confirming their breakup. Kyrgios has since moved on and is now in a relationship with Chiara Passari.

Sami Reinwein

In conclusion, Anna Kalinskaya’s journey in love has seen its share of highs and lows, from the courts of Grand Slam tournaments to the intricacies of her personal relationships. As she continues to excel in tennis, fans are intrigued by the twists and turns of her romantic escapades. The enigma of her love life adds another layer to the narrative of this tennis prodigy.

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