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Tega Wanogho

Prince Tega Wanogho emerges as a formidable force in American football, showcasing his prowess as an offensive lineman for the esteemed Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL). Hailing from Delta State, Nigeria, Wanogho’s journey epitomizes resilience and determination, fueling his ascent to professional football stardom. Let’s delve into the life and career of this remarkable athlete.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Prince Tega Wanogho
Date of Birth November 22, 1997
Birth Day November 22
Birth Years 1997
Birth Place Delta State, Nigeria
Birth City Delta State
Height 6 feet 5 inches
Weight 140 kg
Birth Country Nigeria
Nationality/Country United States
Race Being Updated
Ethnicity Ethnicity
Sun sign, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Famous As

American football offensive tackle

Also Known for American football offensive tackle
Occupation American football offensive tackle

Early Life and Background

Born on November 22, 1997, in Delta State, Nigeria, Prince Tega Wanogho grew up amidst the challenges of a modest upbringing in the Warri South region. Despite facing adversities, Wanogho harbored an unwavering passion for American football, a sport that would eventually become his ticket to success. His journey began in the obscure corners of his hometown, where his raw talent caught the attention of scouts and enthusiasts alike.

Rise to Prominence

Wanogho’s journey gained momentum during his high school years when his exceptional skills as an offensive tackle garnered widespread recognition. His towering stature and innate abilities secured him a scholarship offer from Edgewood Academy in Elmore, Alabama, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. At Edgewood Academy, Wanogho’s dedication and work ethic set him apart, propelling him towards the next phase of his football odyssey.

Tega Wanogho

Collegiate Success at Auburn University

The transition to collegiate football marked a significant chapter in Wanogho’s career as he earned a scholarship at Auburn University. Over four seasons, Wanogho showcased his prowess as an offensive lineman, earning accolades for his technique, athleticism, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His tenure at Auburn University solidified his reputation as a standout football talent, setting the stage for his foray into the NFL.

Physical Attributes

Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 140 kilograms, Prince Tega Wanogho possesses the physical prowess necessary to excel in the competitive realm of professional football. His imposing presence on the field, coupled with his remarkable athleticism, positions him as a formidable asset for any team fortunate enough to have him.

Tega Wanogho

NFL Debut and Career Trajectory

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wanogho’s dreams materialized as he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Despite the challenges posed by his rookie season, Wanogho showcased his agility and potential in 10 games, affirming his status as a rising star in the league. While criticisms regarding his technique and experience surfaced, Wanogho remains steadfast in his commitment to continual growth and improvement, poised to make a lasting impact in the NFL.

Financial Success and Net Worth

Wanogho’s illustrious career as a professional footballer is mirrored by his financial prosperity, with credible sources estimating his net worth at a substantial $5 million. His lucrative earnings are a testament to his exceptional talents on the field and his potential to shape the future of the NFL.

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Personal Life and Relationships

Despite the limelight shining brightly on his professional endeavors, Wanogho maintains a discreet stance on his personal life. Details regarding his family, relationships, and marital status remain elusive, underscoring his dedication to privacy amidst his public persona. As of January 13, 2024, Wanogho is reportedly single, channeling his focus and energy towards his burgeoning career in the NFL.

In conclusion, Prince Tega Wanogho’s journey from humble beginnings to NFL prominence serves as an inspiring narrative of perseverance and passion. As he continues to carve his legacy in the annals of American football, Wanogho stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes worldwide, epitomizing the adage that with determination and dedication, dreams can indeed become a reality.


1. Who is Prince Tega Wanogho?

  • Prince Tega Wanogho is a professional American football player known for his role as an offensive lineman in the NFL, currently playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. Where was Prince Tega Wanogho born?

  • Wanogho was born in Delta State, Nigeria, on November 22, 1997.

3. What challenges did Wanogho face during his upbringing?

  • Wanogho encountered hardship and struggle growing up in a tiny hamlet in the Warri South region of Nigeria.

4. Which high school did Prince Tega Wanogho attend?

  • Wanogho attended Edgewood Academy in Elmore, Alabama, where he received a scholarship for his exceptional football skills.

5. What position does Prince Tega Wanogho play in football?

  • Wanogho is known for his prowess as an offensive lineman, specifically as an offensive tackle.

6. Where did Prince Tega Wanogho play college football?

  • Wanogho played college football at Auburn University, where he excelled as an offensive lineman over four seasons.

7. How tall is Prince Tega Wanogho?

  • Wanogho stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 5 inches, giving him a notable advantage on the football field.

8. What is Prince Tega Wanogho’s weight?

  • Wanogho weighs approximately 140 kilograms, contributing to his physical dominance as a football player.

9. Which NFL team drafted Prince Tega Wanogho?

  • Wanogho was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

10. How many games did Wanogho play in his rookie season?

  • Wanogho played in 10 games during his rookie season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

11. Did Prince Tega Wanogho start any games in his rookie season?

  • Yes, Wanogho started in one game during his rookie season, showcasing his potential and ability to contribute to his team.

12. What criticisms were directed towards Prince Tega Wanogho during his rookie season?

  • Critics pointed out concerns regarding Wanogho’s technique and lack of experience, typical challenges faced by young players transitioning to the NFL.

13. What is Prince Tega Wanogho’s net worth?

  • Wanogho’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, reflecting his successful career as a professional football player.

14. Is Prince Tega Wanogho married?

  • There is no information available about Wanogho’s marital status or relationships as he keeps his personal life private.

15. Does Prince Tega Wanogho have any children?

  • There is no information available regarding Wanogho’s children.

16. How does Prince Tega Wanogho balance his personal and professional life?

  • Wanogho focuses primarily on his football career, dedicating significant time and attention to his professional endeavors while keeping his personal life discreet.

17. What accolades did Wanogho receive during his collegiate career?

  • Wanogho’s collegiate career was marked by numerous accolades for his skill, technique, and athleticism as an offensive lineman at Auburn University.

18. What is Prince Tega Wanogho’s ultimate goal in the NFL?

  • Wanogho aims to continue growing and improving as a player, with aspirations to make a significant impact on the field and establish himself as a vital asset to his team.

19. How does Wanogho handle criticisms and challenges in his career?

  • Wanogho remains resilient in the face of criticisms, acknowledging areas for improvement and committing himself to continuous growth and development as a football player.

20. What legacy does Prince Tega Wanogho hope to leave in the NFL?

  • Wanogho aspires to inspire future generations of athletes with his journey from humble beginnings to NFL prominence, leaving behind a legacy of perseverance, dedication, and passion for the game.

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