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Yerin Ha

At the intersection of talent and opportunity lies Yerin Ha, the 25-year-old Australian-Korean actress who has illuminated screens with her portrayal of “Quan Ah” in Paramount’s renowned sci-fi series, “Halo.” This pivotal role marks her monumental debut in the realm of Hollywood, a journey that commenced with a serendipitous encounter on social media.

Yerin Ha

Yerin Ha Wiki/Bio:


Birth Name Yerin Ha.
Yerin Ha Profession Actress.
Yerin Ha In Spotlight for Halo (Role: Quan Ah, Kwan Ah).
Yerin Ha Ethnicity Asian.
Yerin Ha Age 25 years old.
Yerin Ha Birth Date 1997.
Yerin Ha Birth Place Sydney, Australia.
Yerin Ha Nationality Australian.
South Korean.
Yerin Ha Gender Female.
Yerin Ha Birth Sign Sagittarius.
Yerin Ha Natural Accent Australian.
Yerin Ha Accents American Standard, English, Korean.
Yerin Ha Body Measurements
Yerin Ha Height In feet: 5′ 2″.
In centimeters: 158 cm.
In meters: 1.58 m.
Yerin Ha Weight Kg: 52.
Pounds: 114 lbs.
Yerin Ha Hair & Eyes Dark Brown
Yerin Ha Hair Length Very Long.
Yerin Ha Hair Style Straight.
Yerin Ha Bust 84 cm.
Yerin Ha Waist 69 cm.
Yerin Ha Neck 34 cm.
Yerin Ha Chest 83 cm.
Yerin Ha Hip 87 cm.
Yerin Ha Bra Size A.
Yerin Ha Shoe Size 6.
Yerin Ha Clothing Size Female – 8.
Yerin Ha Net Worth USD 435 K.
Yerin Ha Love Life
Yerin Ha Boyfriend
Yerin Ha Family
Yerin Ha Parents Father: –.
Mother: –.
Yerin Ha Education
Yerin Ha Training Kaywon Performing Arts High School
Yerin Ha Alumni National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).
Brigidine College St Ives.
Yerin Ha Follow on
Yerin Ha Instagram
Yerin Ha Skills
Yerin Ha Professional Skills Acting.
Yerin Ha Circus Stage Combat
Yerin Ha Sports Swimming.
Stage Combat.
Yerin Ha Singing Range Mezzo-Soprano.
Yerin Ha Dance Contemporary.
Hip Hop.

The Genesis of Stardom: From Audition to Acclaim

In the captivating narrative of Yerin Ha’s rise to prominence, fate intermingled with determination as she seized the opportunity presented by a Facebook casting call initiated by none other than the esteemed executive producer, Steven Spielberg. Under the discerning eye of Dune Casting Director Jina Jay, Yerin emerged triumphant, clinching the role of “Quan Ah” in nine compelling episodes of “Halo.”

Yerin Ha

Crafting Authenticity: Yerin Ha Artistic Odyssey

Before embodying the multifaceted character of “Quan Ah,” Yerin embarked on a rigorous journey of preparation, delving deep into physical, emotional, and mental realms to breathe life into her portrayal. Collaborating closely with directors and producers, she honed her craft through meticulous study and introspection, ensuring an authentic and compelling depiction on screen.

Yerin Ha

From “Troppo” to “Sissy”: Tracing Yerin Ha’s Ascension

Prior to her stellar performance in “Halo,” Yerin captivated audiences with her roles in Australian producer Karl Zwicky’s series “Troppo” and the captivating film “Sissy,” where her talent illuminated every frame. These early successes served as stepping stones, propelling her towards the stratosphere of acclaim and recognition.

Yerin Ha

Nurturing the Flame: Yerin Ha Formative Years and Training

Born to South Korean parents in the vibrant city of Sydney in 1997, Yerin Ha inherited a rich legacy of artistic fervor, ignited by her grandmother’s legacy as an actor. Surrounded by a familial tapestry interwoven with the threads of performing arts, Yerin’s journey towards the limelight was destined from the outset.

Yerin Ha

A Scholar of the Craft: The Educational Odyssey

Fueling her passion with formal education, Yerin Ha embarked on a transformative journey at the Kaywon Performing Arts High School in Seoul, South Korea, where she delved into the nuances of her craft. It was here that she unearthed the essence of her identity as an Asian actress, a realization that would shape her artistic trajectory profoundly.

The Pursuit of Excellence: Nurturing Talent at NIDA

Following her tenure at the Kaywon Academy, Yerin returned to her roots in Sydney, enrolling in the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 2016. Here, amidst the hallowed halls of theatrical excellence, she honed her skills under the tutelage of seasoned mentors, emerging as a luminary poised to illuminate the stage and screen.

Yerin Ha Artistic Spectrum

Beyond the confines of academia, Yerin Ha embarked on a multifaceted journey across the theatrical landscape, gracing the stage with her presence in acclaimed productions such as “Caucasian Chalk Circle” and “The Changeling.” Her transition to the silver screen was seamless, marked by memorable performances in series like “Reef Break” and the enthralling “Halo.”

Yerin Ha

A Symphony of Talents: The Many Facets of Yerin Ha

In addition to her prowess as an actress, Yerin Ha is a virtuoso of movement, boasting over a decade of experience as a dancer across diverse genres. From the fluidity of contemporary dance to the rhythmic cadence of jazz and tap, her artistry transcends boundaries, enriching every performance with a kaleidoscope of expression.

Chronicles of Yerin Ha: An Insightful Glimpse

  • Ageless Grace: At 25 years young, Yerin Ha epitomizes the epitome of youthful exuberance and timeless talent, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence.
  • Vertically Blessed: Standing tall at 158 centimeters, Yerin Ha commands attention with her petite yet powerful stature, a testament to her undeniable charisma.
  • Agency Affiliation: Represented by the esteemed Morrissey Management, Yerin Ha’s journey is guided by the seasoned expertise of industry stalwarts.
  • Social Spotlight: Engage with Yerin Ha’s captivating journey on Instagram (@yerinjoannaha), where she shares glimpses of her life and artistic odyssey.
  • Wealth of Talent: As of 2022, Yerin Ha’s net worth stands at a staggering $435,000, a testament to her burgeoning success and indomitable spirit.
  • Mystery Unveiled: While Yerin Ha’s professional exploits illuminate the screen, her personal life remains shrouded in mystery, with details of her romantic affiliations kept under wraps.

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In the scintillating tapestry of Hollywood’s luminaries, Yerin Ha shines as a beacon of talent and authenticity, her journey resonating with the echoes of passion and perseverance. As she continues to chart new horizons and conquer new realms, her legacy as an actress par excellence is etched in the annals of cinematic history, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human imagination.

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