Jamie Flatters: Height, Age, Girlfriend, Birthday, Instagram, Parents & Wiki/Bio

Jamie Flatters

In the bustling hub of London, a star was born on July 7, 2000, destined to illuminate the silver screen with his unparalleled talent. Jamie Flatters, a 22-year-old prodigy, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his portrayal of Tedros in the enchanting Netflix film “The School for Good and Evil.” As we delve into the realms of his captivating journey, we uncover the essence of a true luminary in the making.

Jamie Flatters

Jamie Flatter Height and Wiki/Bio:


Real Name Jamie Flatters.
Jamie Flatters In Limelight The School for Good and Evil.
Jamie Flatters Profession Actor.
Jamie Flatters Age 22.
Jamie Flatters Birth Date July 7, 2000.
Jamie Flatters Birth Place London, United Kingdom.
Jamie Flatters Gender Male.
Jamie Flatters Nationality British.
Jamie Flatters Zodiac Cancer.
Jamie Flatters Ethnicities Caucasian.
Jamie Flatters Family
Jamie Flatters Parents Father: Paul Flatters.
Mother: Anna Grey.
Jamie Flatters Brothers George.
Jamie Flatters Follow on
Jamie Flatters Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jamieflatters/
Jamie Flatters Love Life
Jamie Flatters Marital Status Not married.
Jamie Flatters Girlfriend
Jamie Flatters Body Measurements
Jamie Flatters Weight Kg: 73.6.
Pounds: 162.26 lbs.
Jamie Flatters Height In feet: 5′ 10.5″.
In centimeters: 179.07 cm.
In meters: 1.79 m.
Jamie Flatters Eyes Brown.
Jamie Flatters Hair Brown.
Jamie Flatters Career
Jamie Flatters Television Flat TV (2016).
So Awkward (2015–2016).
Liar (2017–2020).
Close to Me (2021).
Jamie Flatters Movies Men (2017).
Silence (2019).
The Forgotten Battle (2020).
The School for Good and Evil (2022).
Good Trouble: What if the Suit Chokes? (2018).
Jamie Flatters Net worth $635k.

A Glimpse into Jamie Flatter Early Years

Born to Paul Flatters and Anna Grey, Jamie’s humble beginnings in South London laid the foundation for his extraordinary odyssey. At the tender age of 10, fueled by an innate passion for the performing arts, Jamie expressed his fervent desire to tread the boards of the theatrical world. Encouraged by his devoted parents, Jamie embarked on a transformative journey, honing his craft at a local acting school.

Jamie Flatters

Embarking on the Path to Stardom: Jamie Flatter Career Ascension

Fuelled by unwavering determination, Jamie’s ascent in the entertainment industry was meteoric. Following four years of rigorous training, Jamie ventured into the realm of auditions, poised to carve his niche in the realm of entertainment. His breakthrough came in 2015 with a recurring role in Julie Bower’s acclaimed BAFTA Award-winning series “So Awkward,” where he charmed audiences with his portrayal of Matt Furnish.

Jamie Flatters

Charting New Horizons: Jamie Flatter Cinematic Odyssey

Venturing beyond the confines of television, Jamie’s cinematic endeavors garnered widespread acclaim. In 2017, he showcased his directorial prowess with the short film “Men,” a testament to his multifaceted talent. However, it was his portrayal of William Sinclair in Matthijs van Heijningen’s magnum opus “The Forgotten Battle” that solidified his status as a luminary in the realm of cinema.

Jamie Flatters

Jamie Flatter Personal Life

Amidst the glare of the spotlight, Jamie’s personal life remains veiled in mystery. Despite speculation surrounding his romantic entanglements, Jamie remains steadfast in his commitment to his craft. A globetrotter at heart, Jamie finds solace in exploring new vistas and forging meaningful connections. Yet, amidst the whirlwind of fame, he remains resolute in prioritizing his career above all else.

Jamie Flatters

Mystique: Jamie Flatters in the Spotlight

As we unravel the enigma of Jamie Flatters, his indelible mark on the entertainment landscape becomes palpable. From the whimsical realms of “The School for Good and Evil” to the grandeur of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Jamie’s journey epitomizes the essence of cinematic excellence. With each role, he breathes life into characters, transcending the confines of the screen to etch his legacy in the annals of Hollywood.

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In Conclusion

Jamie Flatters’ ascent from a budding actor to a luminary of the silver screen serves as a testament to the transformative power of talent and perseverance. As he continues to captivate audiences with his indomitable spirit and unparalleled artistry, Jamie Flatters stands poised on the precipice of greatness, destined to illuminate the cinematic landscape for generations to come.

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