Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff: Relationship and Family Details

Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff

Kelsey Riggs, a prominent ESPN reporter, recently made waves across social media platforms with a heartwarming announcement. While Kelsey Riggs isn’t married yet, she joyously revealed her engagement to fellow ESPN reporter, Dalen Cuff. The delightful news was shared via an Instagram post where Riggs also disclosed another exciting development – the couple is expecting their first child together, affectionately dubbed “Baby Cuff,” slated to arrive this summer.

Kelsey Riggs: Rising Star at ESPN

Originally from Charleston, Kelsey Riggs has steadily carved her niche in the world of sports journalism. Graduating from Charleston Southern University, Riggs’ journey to ESPN began in 2019. Before her ESPN tenure, she spent three years honing her craft at WCNC-TV. Riggs is not only a seasoned reporter but also a versatile talent, often gracing the anchor desk for ESPN’s flagship show, SportsCenter.

Dalen Cuff: A Versatile ESPN Commentator

Dalen Cuff, Kelsey Riggs’ fiancé, boasts an impressive career trajectory of his own. Joining ESPN in 2016, Cuff has made significant contributions as both an in-game and studio commentator for college basketball. Notably, his involvement was instrumental in the establishment of ACCN in 2019. Cuff’s passion for basketball stems from his collegiate days, where he captained the men’s basketball team at Columbia University.

Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff

From Marketing to Broadcasting: Dalen Cuff’s Journey

Prior to his broadcasting career, Cuff ventured into the realm of marketing, working with the InterPublic Group. However, his love for basketball eventually led him to embrace a career shift. Accepting an offer from Columbia University to serve as a color commentator for men’s basketball games, Cuff embarked on a new path. His transition gained momentum as he joined the IMG agency and subsequently found his footing at NBC, covering prestigious events like the Rio Olympics.

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Kelsey Riggs’ Pregnancy Announcement

On February 8, 2024, Kelsey Riggs took to Instagram to share the joyous news of her pregnancy alongside her engagement to Dalen Cuff. The picturesque announcement featured the couple in a serene beachfront setting, radiating happiness and anticipation. Riggs expressed her profound excitement at the prospect of motherhood, affirming her unwavering love for Cuff and their shared journey ahead.

Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff

In her heartfelt message, Riggs extended warm wishes to those navigating similar paths, acknowledging the challenges of waiting while embracing the blessings that lie ahead. With their engagement and impending parenthood, Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff embark on a new chapter filled with love, joy, and endless possibilities.


1. Who is Kelsey Riggs?

  • Kelsey Riggs is a prominent ESPN reporter known for her contributions to sports journalism, particularly in basketball coverage.

2. Is Kelsey Riggs married?

  • No, Kelsey Riggs is not married, but she recently announced her engagement to fellow ESPN reporter Dalen Cuff.

3. When did Kelsey Riggs announce her engagement?

  • Kelsey Riggs announced her engagement to Dalen Cuff in a heartfelt Instagram post, coinciding with the revelation of her pregnancy, on February 8, 2024.

4. What is Dalen Cuff’s profession?

  • Dalen Cuff is a versatile ESPN commentator, renowned for his work in both in-game and studio commentary for college basketball.

5. How long has Dalen Cuff been with ESPN?

  • Dalen Cuff joined ESPN in 2016 and has since made significant contributions to the network’s coverage of college basketball.

6. Where did Kelsey Riggs attend college?

  • Kelsey Riggs attended Charleston Southern University, where she pursued her academic and athletic endeavors before venturing into sports journalism.

7. What role does Kelsey Riggs play at ESPN?

  • Kelsey Riggs serves as a reporter and occasional stand-in anchor for ESPN’s flagship news and information show, SportsCenter.

8. How did Dalen Cuff transition into broadcasting from marketing?

  • After a stint in marketing with the InterPublic Group, Dalen Cuff pursued his passion for basketball, eventually transitioning into broadcasting, starting with commentary for Columbia University’s men’s basketball games.

9. When did Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff make their relationship public?

  • Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff publicly acknowledged their relationship towards the end of 2023, sharing their engagement and pregnancy news shortly thereafter.

10. Does Dalen Cuff have children from a previous relationship? 

  • Yes, Dalen Cuff has a daughter named Lyra from a previous relationship, as evidenced by his Instagram posts, including celebrations of her milestones like her fifth birthday.

11. What milestones did Dalen Cuff achieve during his college basketball career? 

  • During his time at Columbia University, Dalen Cuff distinguished himself as the men’s basketball team captain, setting records for games played, career three-point field goals made, and three-point percentage in a single season.

12. What networks has Dalen Cuff worked for besides ESPN? 

  • Prior to joining ESPN, Dalen Cuff gained experience with NBCSN Ivy League and the network’s regional station in Boston, covering various sporting events, including the Rio Olympics.

13. When did Kelsey Riggs begin her tenure with ESPN? 

  • Kelsey Riggs joined ESPN’s roster of talent in 2019, marking the beginning of her journey with the renowned sports programming network.

14. What type of content does Kelsey Riggs frequently cover at ESPN? 

  • Kelsey Riggs is known for her versatile coverage of sports-related news and events, with a particular focus on basketball and other major sporting events.

15. Where can one find updates on Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s engagement and pregnancy?

  • Updates on Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s engagement and pregnancy can be found on their respective Instagram accounts, where they often share personal and professional updates with their followers.

16. How did Kelsey Riggs express her excitement about becoming a mother? 

  • Kelsey Riggs took to Instagram to share her profound joy and anticipation for motherhood, expressing her love for fiancé Dalen Cuff and their future together as a family.

17. What was the setting for Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s engagement and pregnancy announcement photos? 

  • Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff chose a serene beachfront setting for their engagement and pregnancy announcement photos, capturing the beauty and excitement of their journey ahead.

18. What notable event occurred on Kelsey Riggs’ Instagram post on February 8, 2024?

  • On February 8, 2024, Kelsey Riggs made a significant announcement on Instagram, revealing both her engagement to Dalen Cuff and the impending arrival of their first child.

19. What are some of the career highlights of Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff? 

  • Kelsey Riggs has garnered acclaim for her reporting and anchoring skills at ESPN, while Dalen Cuff’s versatile commentary has earned him recognition in the world of college basketball broadcasting.

20. How did Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff express their gratitude and excitement in their engagement announcement? 

  • In their engagement announcement, Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff expressed profound gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead, affirming their love and commitment to each other and their growing family.

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