Lucas Niang’s Parents: Nabi and Fatou Niang – Family Overview

Lucas Niang's


Lucas Niang, the talented football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, comes from a diverse and supportive family background. Let’s delve into the story behind the scenes, starting with his parents, Nabi and Fatou Niang.

Nabi and Fatou Niang:

Origins and Supportive Role

Nabi, hailing from France, and Fatou, originally from Côte d’Ivoire, bring a rich cultural mix to Lucas’s upbringing. Fatou, a luxury real estate advisor and SFR International Specialist, and Nabi, have been unwavering pillars of support for Lucas throughout his journey.

Lucas’s Early Life and Sporting Passion

Born in New York City on August 18, 1998, Lucas spent part of his childhood in Geneva, Switzerland, before settling in New Canaan, Connecticut. It was here that his passion for football ignited during his time in the Pop Warner league, despite his proficiency in various other sports like tennis, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and basketball.

From High School to the NFL Draft:

Lucas’s Journey

Lucas’s talent shone through during his high school years, leading him to pursue collegiate football at TCU. His skills attracted the attention of NFL scouts, eventually leading to his selection by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Despite facing setbacks, including a stint on the reserve/PUP list, Lucas’s determination propelled him forward.

Lucas Niang's

Super Bowl Success and Historic Achievements

Lucas’s dedication paid off when he contributed to the Chiefs’ triumph in Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles, securing his first Super Bowl ring. Notably, Lucas made history as the first Frenchman to play and win a Super Bowl. His success continued with another Super Bowl win in LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers, solidifying his status as a formidable player in the league.

Family Support and Celebrations:

Nabi and Fatou’s Impact

Nabi and Fatou’s unwavering support for Lucas extends beyond the sidelines, as they proudly attend his games, including the Super Bowl championships. Their presence serves as a testament to their dedication and belief in their son’s abilities.

Ethan Niang:

Following in Lucas’s Footsteps

Lucas’s younger brother, Ethan Niang, is carving his path in football as a guard for the Duke Blue Devils. Inspired by his elder brother’s passion, Ethan is determined to make a mark in the sport and pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

Lucas Niang's

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In the dynamic world of professional football, the support and guidance of family play a crucial role in an athlete’s journey. Lucas Niang’s story is a testament to the power of familial love and encouragement, driving him to achieve remarkable success both on and off the field.


  • Q: Where was Lucas Niang born?
    • A: Lucas Niang was born in New York City on August 18, 1998. 
  • Q: What are the backgrounds of Lucas Niang’s parents?
    • A: Lucas Niang’s mother, Fatou Niang, is from Côte d’Ivoire, while his father, Nabi Niang, is from France. 
  • Q: What profession does Fatou Niang pursue?
    • A: Fatou Niang is a luxury real estate advisor and SFR International Specialist. 
  • Q: In which sports did Lucas Niang excel during his childhood?
    • A: Lucas Niang showed proficiency in various sports including tennis, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and basketball, but football became his passion. 
  • Q: Which university did Lucas Niang attend for collegiate football?
    • A: Lucas Niang played collegiate football at TCU (Texas Christian University). 
  • Q: What round was Lucas Niang selected in during the 2020 NFL Draft?
    • A: Lucas Niang was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft. 
  • Q: How did Lucas Niang contribute to the Kansas City Chiefs’ success in Super Bowl LVII?
    • A: Lucas Niang contributed to the Chiefs’ success in Super Bowl LVII by winning his first Super Bowl ring when the team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. 
  • Q: What historic achievement did Lucas Niang make in Super Bowl LVII?
    • A: Lucas Niang made history as the first Frenchman to play and win a Super Bowl in Super Bowl LVII. 
  • Q: How many Super Bowl titles has Lucas Niang won?
    • A: Lucas Niang has won two Super Bowl titles so far. 
  • Q: When did Nabi and Fatou Niang celebrate their son’s victory in the Super Bowl?
    • A: Nabi and Fatou Niang celebrated their son’s team’s victory against the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12, 2023. 
  • Q: What is the significance of the Super Bowl in Nabi and Fatou Niang’s lives?
    • A: The Super Bowl holds significance for Nabi and Fatou Niang as they never miss the opportunity to support their son and his team. 
  • Q: What is the educational pursuit of Lucas Niang’s brother, Ethan Niang?
    • A: Ethan Niang is a student at Duke University, following in his elder brother’s footsteps. 
  • Q: What sport is Ethan Niang involved in at Duke University?
    • A: Ethan Niang is involved in football as a guard for the Duke Blue Devils. 
  • Q: At what age did Ethan Niang start his journey in football?
    • A: Ethan Niang began his journey in football at an early age, inspired by his elder brother’s enthusiasm for the sport. 
  • Q: How does Lucas Niang credit his success?
    • A: Lucas Niang credits much of his success to his family, particularly his parents, for their unwavering support and guidance. 
  • Q: What role did Lucas Niang’s parents play in his football journey?
    • A: Lucas Niang’s parents, Nabi and Fatou, have been his devoted supporters, never missing a game and cheering him on throughout his career. 
  • Q: What does Lucas Niang emphasize about his family’s influence?
    • A: Lucas Niang emphasizes his gratitude towards his family, acknowledging their role in keeping him grounded and helping him achieve his goals. 
  • Q: What was the outcome of the Super Bowl LVIII game for Lucas Niang and the Kansas City Chiefs?
    • A: Lucas Niang and the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious in Super Bowl LVIII, securing another Super Bowl title for Lucas. 
  • Q: How does Lucas Niang’s family contribute to his success beyond the field?
    • A: Lucas Niang’s family, particularly his parents, contribute to his success by providing unwavering support and encouragement, both on and off the field. 
  • Q: What drives Ethan Niang in his pursuit of becoming an NFL player?

    • A: Ethan Niang’s determination and passion for football, inspired by his elder brother Lucas, drive him in his pursuit of becoming an NFL player.

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