Sarra Kemp: Age, Wiki, and All About Chris Hoy’s Wife

Sarra Kemp


Sarra Kemp, the esteemed wife of the legendary Chris Hoy, was born in Scotland in the year 1984, making her a vibrant forty-year-old. Formerly occupying the role of a senior lawyer in Scotland, Sarra’s journey intertwines with moments of professional excellence and profound personal sacrifices.

The Supportive Companion

Sarra Kemp, now at the heart of public curiosity, has been the steadfast pillar behind Chris Hoy’s illustrious career. Their union was solemnized in the serene confines of St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh back in 2010. Before embracing the joys of parenthood, Sarra’s professional life flourished in the legal domain. However, her unwavering commitment to family saw her gracefully transitioning into the role of a nurturing mother.

Championing Parenthood

In a poignant revelation, Chris Hoy expressed profound gratitude for Sarra’s unwavering support and understanding of his relentless dedication to the sport. Despite her legal prowess, Sarra chose to prioritize the well-being of her two prematurely born children over her professional aspirations. This courageous decision led her down the path of becoming an advocate for parental care, particularly for families navigating the complexities of preterm deliveries.

Sarra Kemp

Empowering Families Through Advocacy

Sarra Kemp’s involvement with Bliss, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering crucial support to parents in neonatal wards, underscores her commitment to societal welfare. As a Bliss brand ambassador, Sarra extends her compassionate outreach, providing invaluable counsel and emotional succor to families traversing challenging times.

A Testament to Love: Chris Hoy’s Growing Family

The union of Chris Hoy and Sarra Kemp blossomed into a beautiful family, marked by the arrival of two precious bundles of joy. Their son, Callum, entered the world on October 15, 2014, a remarkable 11 weeks prematurely, weighing a mere 2lbs 2oz. Despite a tumultuous start, Callum’s journey epitomizes resilience, emerging as a healthy toddler after an initial stint in neonatal care.

Sarra Kemp

Their daughter, Chloe, graced their lives four weeks ahead of schedule in 2017, further enriching their familial tapestry. Both children, now thriving toddlers, embody the essence of childhood innocence and joy.

Navigating Adversity: Chris Hoy’s Battle with Cancer

Amidst the backdrop of familial bliss and professional triumphs, Chris Hoy confronted an unexpected adversary – cancer. In a poignant Instagram post dated February 17, 2024, Chris Hoy divulged his ongoing battle with cancer, a diagnosis initially uncovered during a routine medical examination in 2023. Despite his initial intention to shield his struggle from the public eye, Chris Hoy chose transparency, emphasizing the importance of awareness and resilience in the face of adversity.

As he embarks on the arduous journey of treatment, including chemotherapy, Chris Hoy remains resolute in his optimism for the future, fortified by the unwavering support of his beloved wife, Sarra Kemp, and the boundless affection of his cherished family.

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In the intricately woven tapestry of Chris Hoy’s life, Sarra Kemp emerges as a beacon of unwavering support, love, and resilience. Her journey from the corridors of legal prowess to the realms of familial advocacy exemplifies the transformative power of love and commitment. As Chris Hoy navigates the twists and turns of life, he finds solace in the enduring presence of his beloved partner, Sarra Kemp, a testament to the timeless adage – love conquers all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sarra Kemp and Chris Hoy:

1. Who is Sarra Kemp?

  • Sarra Kemp is the wife of renowned cyclist Chris Hoy. She hails from Scotland and previously worked as a senior lawyer before transitioning into advocacy work.

2. What is Sarra Kemp’s age?

  • Sarra Kemp was born in 1984, making her forty years old as of now.

3. When did Sarra Kemp marry Chris Hoy?

  • Sarra Kemp and Chris Hoy exchanged vows in 2010 at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.

4. What was Sarra Kemp’s profession before becoming a mother?

  • Before embracing motherhood, Sarra Kemp worked as a senior lawyer, showcasing her legal acumen and professional expertise.

5. How many children do Chris Hoy and Sarra Kemp have?

  • Chris Hoy and Sarra Kemp are proud parents to two children: Callum and Chloe.

6. When was Callum, Chris Hoy and Sarra Kemp’s son, born?

  • Callum was born on October 15, 2014, arriving prematurely and weighing only 2lbs 2oz.

7. What challenges did Callum face after his birth?

  • Callum spent his initial days in neonatal care due to his premature birth, but he eventually grew into a healthy toddler.

8. When was Chloe, Chris Hoy and Sarra Kemp’s daughter, born?

  • Chloe was born in 2017, arriving four weeks ahead of schedule, adding further joy to the family.

9. How did Sarra Kemp become involved with Bliss?

  • Sarra Kemp’s advocacy journey led her to Bliss, a nonprofit organization supporting parents in neonatal wards. As a Bliss brand ambassador, she offers crucial support and guidance to families facing similar challenges.

10. What does Sarra Kemp do as a Bliss brand ambassador?

  • As a Bliss brand ambassador, Sarra Kemp provides counsel and emotional support to families navigating the complexities of preterm deliveries, empowering them through difficult times.

11. What is Chris Hoy’s current medical condition?

  • Chris Hoy recently revealed his battle with cancer, a diagnosis made during a routine check-up in 2023.

12. When did Chris Hoy disclose his cancer diagnosis?

  • Chris Hoy shared his struggle with cancer on February 17, 2024, via an emotional Instagram post.

13. What type of treatment is Chris Hoy undergoing for his cancer?

  • Chris Hoy is currently undergoing treatment for his cancer, including chemotherapy, with promising progress reported.

14. How did Chris Hoy decide to reveal his cancer diagnosis to the public?

  • Despite intending to keep his diagnosis private, Chris Hoy felt compelled to share his journey, emphasizing the importance of awareness and resilience in the face of adversity.

15. How has Sarra Kemp supported Chris Hoy during his cancer battle?

  • Sarra Kemp has been a steadfast source of support for Chris Hoy, standing by him through thick and thin, exemplifying the essence of love and companionship.

16. What are Chris Hoy’s achievements as a cyclist?

  • Chris Hoy is a decorated track cyclist, boasting an impressive record of 11 world championships and six Olympic gold medals, making him one of the most successful cyclists in history.

17. How has Sarra Kemp contributed to Chris Hoy’s career?

  • Sarra Kemp has been a constant source of encouragement and support throughout Chris Hoy’s career, offering unwavering support during both triumphs and challenges.

18. What prompted Sarra Kemp to prioritize her family over her professional career?

  • Sarra Kemp’s decision to prioritize her family over her career stemmed from her deep-rooted commitment to maternal care and advocacy for families facing similar circumstances.

19. How has Sarra Kemp’s advocacy work impacted the community?

  • Sarra Kemp’s involvement with Bliss and her advocacy for parental care have positively impacted families, providing crucial support and guidance during challenging times.

20. What is the enduring message conveyed by Sarra Kemp and Chris Hoy’s journey?

  • Sarra Kemp and Chris Hoy’s journey embodies the transformative power of love, resilience, and unwavering support, serving as an inspiration for individuals facing adversity.

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