Zac Fulton: Meet His Father Scott and Family

Zac Fulton

Zac Fulton, the rising star in Australian rugby league, owes much of his success to his deeply rooted family ties in the sport. His parents, with a rich heritage ingrained in rugby, have been instrumental in nurturing his talent and instilling in him the core values of dedication and perseverance.

Scott Fulton: A Legacy of Sporting Greatness

At the heart of Zac’s journey stands his father, Scott Fulton, a former rugby league luminary who graced the field for the Manly Sea Eagles. Scott’s illustrious career unfolded with a memorable debut at the age of 20, where he showcased his prowess as a hooker for the Manly Sea Eagles in the 1993 NSWRL season opener. Over seven seasons and 49 games, Scott made significant contributions to the NSWRL, leaving an indelible mark before retiring in 1999. Following a stint in France, he returned to Australia, clinching regional championships in Dubbo and representing his hometown club, the Coonamble Bears, in the Castlereagh Cup.

A Silent Force: Zac’s Mother

While Scott’s influence on Zac’s career is evident, little is known about Zac’s mother, who has chosen to maintain a low profile, perhaps out of respect for her privacy and that of her family.

Zac Fulton

A Heritage Etched in Generations

Zac Fulton emerges as a torchbearer of a sporting legacy that spans generations. His late grandfather, Bob Fulton, a revered figure in Australian Rugby League history, left an indelible mark on the sport. Bob’s legacy includes an impressive 219-game tenure with Manly from 1966 to 1976, adorned with premiership victories in 1972, 1973, and 1976. His stature as one of the finest Australian rugby league players of the twentieth century remains unparalleled.

Honoring the Legacy: A Grandfather’s Influence

Bob’s passing in May 2021 marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire. Surrounded by esteemed figures from the Australian sports and media fraternity, Bob was laid to rest in St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, commemorating a life dedicated to rugby excellence.

A Proud Continuation

For Zac Fulton, the legacy of his grandfather and father serves as both a source of pride and responsibility. With humility and determination, Zac aspires to carry forward their traditions, epitomizing the values instilled in him by his esteemed predecessors.

Zac Fulton

“The elder would be immensely proud. He has always shown a keen interest in all his grandkids’ endeavors. To play at the first-grade level is an honor in itself, but to do so for one club is truly remarkable. He would be over the moon,” Zac remarked, reflecting on his grandfather’s influence.

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A Legacy Unmatched

Undoubtedly, the narrative of three successive generations representing the same club stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of familial dedication and sporting excellence. In a realm where legacies are revered and celebrated, Zac Fulton’s journey stands as a shining example of heritage honored and legacies continued.


1. Who is Zac Fulton?

  • Zac Fulton is a promising Australian rugby league footballer known for his skills as a second-row forward.

2. Which team does Zac Fulton currently play for?

  • Zac Fulton currently plays for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles in the National Rugby League (NRL).

3. What position does Zac Fulton specialize in?

  • Zac Fulton specializes as a second-row forward in rugby league.

4. Who is Scott Fulton in relation to Zac Fulton?

  • Scott Fulton is Zac Fulton’s father and a former rugby league player for the Manly Sea Eagles.

5. What was Scott Fulton’s role during his rugby league career?

  • Scott Fulton played as a hooker for the Manly Sea Eagles during his rugby league career.

6. How many seasons did Scott Fulton play in the NSWRL?

  • Scott Fulton played across seven seasons in the NSWRL.

7. How many games did Scott Fulton play for the Manly Sea Eagles?

  • Scott Fulton played 49 games for the Manly Sea Eagles during his career.

8. When did Scott Fulton retire from rugby league?

  • Scott Fulton retired from rugby league in Round 7 of the 1999 season.

9. What achievements did Bob Fulton, Zac’s grandfather, attain in rugby league?

  • Bob Fulton, Zac’s grandfather, was a legendary Australian Rugby League player who played 219 games for Manly and won premierships in 1972, 1973, and 1976.

10. What was Bob Fulton’s position in rugby league?

  • Bob Fulton played as a rugby league player for Manly and excelled in various positions throughout his career.

11. When did Bob Fulton pass away?

  • Bob Fulton passed away in May 2021.

12. Where was Bob Fulton laid to rest?

  • Bob Fulton was laid to rest in St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

13. How many generations of rugby players are there in Zac Fulton’s family?

  • Zac Fulton represents the third generation of rugby players in his family.

14. Did Zac Fulton’s father, Scott, play for any other clubs besides Manly?

  • Scott Fulton also represented the Coonamble Bears in the Castlereagh Cup.

15. Is there any information available about Zac Fulton’s mother?

  • Zac Fulton’s mother maintains a low profile, and little information is available about her.

16. Which rugby league team did Zac Fulton make his first-grade debut against?

  • Zac Fulton made his first-grade debut for Manly against the Sydney Roosters in 2022.

17. Does Zac Fulton play for any other teams besides the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles?

  • Yes, Zac Fulton also plays for the NSW Cup team, the Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles.

18. What were Bob Fulton’s contributions to rugby league beyond playing?

  • Bob Fulton made significant contributions to rugby league as a coach and administrator post-retirement.

19. How does Zac Fulton feel about continuing his family’s rugby legacy?

  • Zac Fulton is proud and determined to continue his family’s rugby legacy with grace and humility.

20. Is Zac Fulton regarded as a promising talent in Australian rugby league?

  • Yes, Zac Fulton is considered a promising talent in Australian rugby league, carrying forward the legacy of his esteemed family members.

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